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The Listening Workshop aka Listening Your Way Out of the Sea of Sameness

Enjoy 13 minutes of our complete program. It’s the perfect content for your next national, divisional or regional meeting – and customized (both time and content) for your audience/event.

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Fact: Selling in a Post-Recession world has virtually no resemblance to your father’s sales process.

Fact: Clients and prospects are predisposed to not trust what you say, nor act on your advice.

Fact: Creating share of mind and share of wallet amidst the distractions has never been more difficult.

This is our most popular program and is designed to address the Five New Realities of selling with concrete action steps.

Our mission is to help sales professionals rise out of the Sea of Sameness and we assist them in finding ways to increase their MQ-Memorability Quotient®

Part of increasing their MQ is sharpening the skills that we sometimes take for granted.

For instance, Listening.

Listening is more than hearing. Importantly, listening can determine the success or failure of business.

Tom Peters recently did a video about the subject. View it here.

And listening is more complicated than we think. Technically it’s the ability to receive, attend to, interpret, and respond to verbal messages and other cues, like body language, in ways that are appropriate to the purpose.

Not so technically, it’s just plain hard to listen effectively – and it’s critical to Post-Recession sales success.

In fact it’s estimated that people screen out or misunderstand the intended meaning or purpose of a message in over 70 percent of communications, making listening the biggest contributing factor to miscommunication.

So, it stands to reason that people who are expert listeners are more memorable.

This workshop covers listening in two distinct ways:

Listening with your ears:  each participant will receive their own Personal Listening Assessment. Administered online, and facilitated completely by shorespeak, this profile becomes not only the working document for the training session, but also the participant’s road-map to improve their listening skills.

Learn more about Personal Listening Assessments.

Listening with technology:  great financial advisors, managers, wholesalers, relationship specialists, sales generalists, bankers, mortgage lenders all have one trait in common – they know that being a student of the business is a critical and memorable characteristic.

The problem is there is too much information to consume and not enough time to consume it.

We’ll show you how to set up a Personal Listening Outpost to stay current with:

  • Clients
  • Prospects
  • Competitors
  • Strategic Partners
  • VIP contacts

All elements of this session are high energy, audience interactive and have been designed with the adult learner in mind – your team will not have time to get bored in this session.

Great for groups of 10 to 300.

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We’ll be listening……