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In case you have missed any issues enjoy the archives:

August 2011They Call Me Termite Terry

June 2011Tell Me Where It Hurts

May 2011Virgins Wanted

March 2011Chicanery And Skullduggery Can Kill Your Reputation

February 2011The Legend Of 9D

January 2011The Pain Of The Train Wreck – The Art Of The Recovery

December 2010What Is Your Why?

November 2010Are You Willing To Go Over The Top?

October 2010Brief and Occasional Train Noise

September 2010You’ve Got to Get Your Teeth Kicked In

August 2010When Did You Stop Learning?

July 2010Are You an Automatic?

June 2010Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza

May 2010Deciding Between 4 1/2% and 4 1/2%

April 2010So, I’m a Pack Rat

March 2010Do Mama D Proud

February 2010I’m Not Delusional, It’s Just My Own Reality

January 2010I No Longer Resolve to Make Resolutions

December 2009Gimme Pastrami on Rye with Russian Dressing

November 2009Five Important Recessionary Selling Lessons

October 2009It’s About Time

September 2009Gumby Never Pulled a Hamstring

August 2009Back to School Blues

July 2009Sushi, Sake, See Ya

June 2009Pool Man Jumped The Shark, So I Fired Him

May 2009George Bernard Shaw Was Wrong: Five Lessons from a Meltdown

April 2009You Don’t Need Compliance Approval to Listen

February 2009 –  I Don’t Trust You; Now What Were You Saying?

January 2009The Fallacy of the First Impression

December 2008There’s Pain in Your “But”

November 2008This Just In: Sky Falling, Film At 11

October 2008I’m Staying Fully Invested

September 2008Paradox: McCain Doesn’t Use Email, Obama Texts VP Announcement To Supporters

August 2008Commodity Update: Gold Down Sharply, Platinum Advances

July 2008Today’s Special: BBQ Bear

June 2008Time To Let A Few “F” Bombs Fly

May 2008What Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On?

April 2008Where’s The Silver Bullet?

Special Edition 4/08Of Market Corrections, Seinfeld, And Naps

March 2008 – Inaugural Issue