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jon_stewartMonday was the start of a new Wholesaler Mastermind group. The members all work for the same company and this firm has, like many firms, had to deal with the media dragging them through the mud.

As we discussed a host of topics, we dialed into “how do you choose to communicate with clients when your firm is in the media?”

Some folks decided to get right out in front of the message and call contacts to alert them of the story and to clarify messages.

Other folks said that they wait for inquiries to come to them.

One member offered that at a recent meeting, when asked where people in the audience got their news, one member of the audience (we’ll call her Miss Informed) said The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

She was kidding, right?

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Get Rich Quick…Or Not

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Got this important email update regarding my brokerage account today. My enthusiasm is uncontrollable. Higher Interest Rates As one of our valued clients, you will receive a new, higher interest rate effective June 2, 2009. Please see below for the new rate. Dollar Range                                          Rate        Annual Percentage Yield (APY) $0 – $4,999.99    […]

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And You Wonder Why You Feel Bad

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Up with the chickens today and reading the latest news online. Generally this starts at my Yahoo home page. Today it dawned on me that everything I was reading was negative – everything. Here is a list of the negative phrases that were used on the FIRST page of my Yahoo Finance page:

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