As a red blooded American with access to a Red Carpet Club (read: free cocktails) I felt it was my duty to spend part of my outrageous 8 hour delay at O’Hare at the bar.

In doing so I witnessed an interesting phenomenon in human behavior.

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8 Ways Sales Professionals Improve Their Presentation Skills

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Recently I attended an event that afforded me an opportunity to hear seven sales presentations, back to back. The presenters ranged from seasoned and long tenured professionals to a couple of newer folks. These presentations reminded me of some tips that the best speakers practice – and rest assured that the best speakers do practice often.

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They Call Me Termite Terry

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Apparently we live in a region of the country where termites are particularly fierce. And the fact that I am just now realizing this after 30 years in So Cal is somewhat embarrassing. Nonetheless, it is time to consider getting the house tented before I come home one day and find sawdust where there was […]

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Last night my wife drug took me to a seminar at a local doctor’s office for a new 21st Century procedure that promised to make me more youthful, age more slowly, and live longer. As you might imagine, the room was filled to the gills with folks that wanted to explore the same promises. The doctor […]

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Virgins Wanted

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Last week I attended a dinner for financial advisors. As the first drinks were being served and the conversation was starting to rev up, I asked the advisors on either side of me the standard questions about where they worked and how long they had been in the business. As common courtesy dictated, they asked […]

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