Can I See Your ID?

As a red blooded American with access to a Red Carpet Club (read: free cocktails) I felt it was my duty to spend part of my outrageous 8 hour delay at O’Hare at the bar.

In doing so I witnessed an interesting phenomenon in human behavior.

You see, the bartenders are required to ask for I.D. from EVERYONE.

No matter the apparent age, they are carding anyone that asks for an alcoholic beverage.

And as I witnessed the following reactions to this request, I wondered if the reactions really did speak volumes about the ‘carded’ ones:

Indignation – in·dig·na·tion (noun): Anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment

These were the folks who emitted the “how could you possibly be asking me for an id – don’t you know who I am?” vibe.

Resignation – res·ig·na·tion (noun): To accept something as inevitable

Their attitude was, “Hey, if that’s what standing between me and my Cabernet no problem.”

Elation – e·la·tion (noun): Great happiness and exhilaration

Clearly the preferred group of patrons.

They simply produced their driver’s license or passport, smiled, and said “Thanks! You’ve made my day.”

As I watched the thirsty masses and their reactions yesterday I was reminded that we all have a choice about the attitude that we display when faced with the seemingly absurd or uncommon request.

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